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Workplace Culture

How are you measuring your “workplace culture”?

What is workplace culture?

The most universally accepted definition of workplace culture related to organizational development is, the way things are done around here.” Culture is a way of being. It reflects the conscious and subconscious values of the organization.

Your workplace culture is who you are and what you stand for. Ideally, it should be consistent with the way you want your customers to see you.


What is workplace culture how does it relate to financial performance?

Workplace culture, which we can also think of as cultural capital, is a measure of the value that can be placed on this way of being or the “personality” of a collective. Strong, agile organizational cultures consistently out-perform ones that don’t provide purpose, meaning and context.

Workplace cultures can be measured by the amount of fear that exists (the entropy), in other words, by the wasted energy in the system. Companies with high employee engagement have far less entropy, are more productive and profitable. How aware are you of the key entropy themes in your organization?

At 1-degree, we –

– Facilitate a collective process to craft an inspiring and succinct vision statement to elevate motivation levels

– Help individual leaders craft their own personal purpose to align with the organizational vision

We collaborate with our clients on purpose as a focused piece of work or integrate it as part of a strategy/culture mapping project

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