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CEOs and business leaders come to our team at 1-degree shift to help them create and sustain visionary and values-driven workplace cultures. Clients hire us to diagnose and remedy their workplace challenges, and show them where and how create change that will result in the greatest return of investment.

We call ourselves 1-degree shift because we believe that small shifts can create meaningful growth. We believe that the cornerstone, or the linchpin, of meaningful growth is workplace culture.

But of course, business is an ecosystem; decisions and actions are interconnected and each affects the whole. As a result, we look at your business through the combined lenses of workplace culture, purpose, strategy, leadership, execution and management systems.


Why does your organization exist? How can you use your organization’s purpose to motivate employees and grow leaders? We can facilitate your work to create a purpose or vision statement, or include it as part of a Strategy / Culture mapping exercise.


Does your organization have a strong appetite for growth? Do you consider strategy a collective effort? Do you consider your workplace culture in your strategy? Our Strategy & Culture Mapping exercise can uncover some 1-degree, and larger, shifts to make your strategy more effective.

Workplace culture

Have you considered your workplace culture in terms of cultural capital? There is a relationship to financial performance. We can help you measure your current workplace culture, and create a desired one. Learn more about our workplace culture process, proven to create a more engaged, productive and meaningful culture that reflects your brand.


We believe that a leader’s foundation is built on their beliefs, values, assumptions and intuition. These underpin our work to help leaders realize their impact, good and bad; and to help them align and grow their leadership behaviours. Learn more about our unique brand of Fearless Leadership training.

Performance systems

This is often overlooked, but your management systems at work can impact the success of your workplace culture change efforts. We will show how, and why, and what can be done to address it through our management practices audit.

Strategy execution

Getting the job done, and done right. Our strategies define outcomes, and we work towards them, but are we getting the results? We can help your organization to improve your strategic execution with tactical, practical training.

Take our survey for immediate feedback

Compare your organization to a Great Place to Work by taking our 10-minute workplace insight generator survey. You’ll receive a customized report with gaps and suggestions for closing them.