How aligned and differentiated is your strategy?

Every organization has a strategy. At best, it is intentional, collective, simple, inspiring and helps guide all decision-making. At worst, it is complicated, static and lives only in a binder on a shelf…

At 1-degree, we believe that Strategy must:

  • Be a strong collective effort with the executive team. It needs to motivate, be cascaded and be specific about what success looks like.
  • Consider the workplace culture – how aggressive can the Strategy be based on the “growth appetite” of the culture?
  • Articulate the business advantage.

One of our core offerings at 1-degree is Strategy & Culture Mapping. This is a facilitated process with executive teams that have a strong appetite for growth.

Does your strategy have these key components?

  • Be visionary – How well does it inspire & excite your team to co-create your organizations’ future?
  • Be collective – Does the entire executive team feel strong alignment & ownership in the Strategy?
  • Be holistic – How well does it integrate & address the target customer; process improvement; learning & growth; culture; financial and innovation?
  • Be systematic – How well does it link with key performance systems so that it can be “lived and breathed?”
  • Live it – How effective is your Strategy in being a touchstone for daily decisions & behaviours throughout the organization? Is it reviewed formally at least quarterly?

What is the 1-degree shift to make your strategy more effective?

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