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Performance Systems

Are your company management systems and business strategy working for or against you?

Every company has management systems. At 1-degree we believe that these systems are neither good nor bad. Systems are needed. Problems arise when they are inconsistent and/or have conflicting underlying principles. And even if a company has a great strategy, incredible leadership and a great culture these management systems can hamper or sabotage ultimate success.

Management systems include all the working methodologies that support the normal operation of the organization. For example:

  • Recruiting
  • High Potential Employee Identification
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Change Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Annual Strategy Planning exercises
  • Employee Recognition

How can you re-align your management systems to achieve organizational objectives?

At 1-degree, we:

  • Audit your common management practices and uncover the beliefs that are behind those practices/systems.
  • Get clear on the foundational principles that should underpin all systems going forward.  For example
  • Can people be trusted?
  • How are people motivated?
  • Do performance results trump cultural fit?
  • What is the reason you measure elements of performance in your company?
  • Build a plan with our clients that moves on the key elements that are getting in the way of strategy or the needed culture shift.

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