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Suchitra Davies-Webb

Certified coach, facilitator, mentor, kayaker

Thought leadership: Coaching systems; Emerging leaders; Cultural transformation

Tim Magwood

Entrepreneur, coach, performer, triathlete

Thought leadership: Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Leadership

Lorella DePieri

Lorella DePieri

Program Director for the Centre of Excellence at Schulich Executive Education Centre, sales coach, connector, adventurer

Thought leadership: Sales transformation, Leadership, Facilitation

Nick Foster

Seasoned executive, coach, mentor, swimmer

Thought leadership: Company culture; Performance systems; Stewardship

Our Team

Let’s face it, there are places to work, and then there are meaningful work places.

1-degree is a dynamic team of successful executives, entrepreneurs, coaches, facilitators and “guides on the side” based in Toronto, Canada. We have come together as a collective because we are all passionate about helping leaders create and sustain visionary and values-driven cultures.

We start with where you are at and believe small shifts can have a huge impact. We look at your business through the lenses of culture, purpose, strategy, leadership, execution and performance systems and together we decide what focus would give you the most return.

What is your 1-degree shift? If you knew how to make change, would you be willing?

Our Core Values

Our purpose is to inspire & equip organizations to transform with agility in our VUCA WORLD. And this is how we work together:

Choose Love Over Fear

  • “Meet them where they are” vs. “Where they’re supposed to be”
  • Put relationship before task
  • Meditate to access intuition
  • Inquire genuinely about the life & check assumptions

Be Smart About Who Does What

  • Leverage our unique gifts & abilities
  • Be smarter about opportunity costs

Be Grateful

  • Create enough space for reflection & connection
  • Celebrate & Appreciate progress & contribution
  • Be compassionate with all partners

Be Playful

  • Create space for lightness & depth
  • Inject authentic humour
  • Weave fun into learning

Manage Our Promises

  • Be explicit about your needs & big rocks
  • Be conscious of what you say YES to
  • Respect for other people’s time & commitment

Deliberately Learn, Coach & Grow

  • Challenge status quo with YES… And…
  • Be relentless to evolve ourselves & grow our capabilities
  • Be open to giving & receiving feedback

Be Real

  • Stay curious & explore options together
  • Courage to act on intuition
  • Explore & honor vulnerability
  • Choose discomfort over resentment
  • Take responsibility for your impact