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At 1-degree, our mission is to serve and support leaders who have a strong appetite to transform workplace culture.

Transformational organizational change is rewarding, yet tough work. We only work with CEO’s & executive teams who are all in.

We have noticed that clients who work well with us have strategic challenges such as:

  • How to improve the customer experience.
  • Inconsistencies between their brand promise and their workplace culture.
  • Achieving a successful integration with a planned or recent merger/acquisition.
  • A new CEO in place who needs to redefine business strategy and/or transform workplace culture

Woodbine Entertainment

Woodbine Entertainment is the leading horse-racing business in Canada and is highly respected globally. Their vision is to Share the thrill of horse racing experiences with the world. Their mission is to support the foundation and lead the growth of the Ontario horse racing industry. Woodbine makes a big impact and are catalysts of approximately a $2 billion horse related businesses in Ontario.

    Chairman/CEO Jim Lawson and the executive team needed to cast a re-energized and simple 3-year organizational strategy. One that would engage and align the entire organization. After some dialogue, they also had a strong appetite to transform their culture to support their strategy.

    1) ENGAGE & ASSESS: internal and external stakeholders=

    • Assess current and desired workplace culture through a proven, values-driven assessment
    • Conversations with board members & external stakeholders

    2) DEFINE & ALIGN: strategy and culture

    • Facilitation & collaboration of strategy/culture map on one page
    • Re-calibration of new core values and key behaviors (Click here to view them)

    3) GALVANIZE: communication & execution

    • Collaborated with executive team to translate the strategy into annual performance objectives, department plans
    • Assessing & developing of senior people leaders through a 360 review process

    4) MEASURE: ongoing culture assessments

    • Collaborated to distribute/summarize culture assessments annually to measure improvements in entropy (fear & dissonance in the culture)

    “In order to be successful in executing our strategic plan, our #1 priority was to get the culture right. We’ve had a major transformation in the past year (and a half) with the assistance and leadership of 1-degree to engage our entire workforce and look at things differently. The work & foundation that 1-degree helped put in place was exceptional – we’ve had exceptional results and a great turnaround!”

    – Jim Lawson, CEO Woodbine Entertainment

    Master Card Canada

    MasterCard is one of the most respected and recognizable brands in the world. Their vision is “a world beyond cash.”

    MasterCard is one of the most respected and recognizable brands in the world. Our vision is “a world beyond cash.” When Brian Lang returned from 10 years working abroad and took on the leadership of MasterCard Canada a year ago he wanted to shift their workplace culture so that it was better aligned with their new Canadian Strategy 2020, but needed some help to make that happen. So he reached out to 1-degree.

    1) ENGAGE &ASSESS : the entire MasterCard Canada team in a culture dialogue

    • Assess current and desired workplace culture through a proven, values driven assessment
    • Conversations with executive team on how to best link culture project to Strategy 2020

    2) DEFINE & ALIGN : the culture with Strategy 2020

    • Facilitation of Culture workshops to draw out current/desired culture and key areas to shift
    • Creation of MasterCard Canada “cultural drivers” which aligned with MasterCard global values & key behaviours to support

    3) GALVANIZE : communication & execution

    • Established and equipped a “Culture Crew” to finalize the cultural drivers, behaviors and priority tactics to begin activating desired culture

    4) DEVELOP : leadership capabilities (planned for Fall 2016)

    • Design & facilitation of targeted modules of 1-degree’s Fearless Leadership in areas of Collaboration, Coaching & Delegation

    5) MEASURE :follow up culture assessment (planned for November 2016)

    • Collaboration to distribute/summarize culture assessments annually to measure improvements in entropy (fear & dissonance in the culture)

    “As opposed to vague culture conversations we now have a framework and specific areas of focus to improve an already solid, self-reported, culture of innovation and inter-reliance. As we approach our first year we plan to take the feedback and spend time with 1-degree ensuring the management team is leading and holding others accountable leveraging Fearless Leadership modules to the cultural expectations are met. Also, we look forward to revalidating with team progress and continued areas of focus.”
    — Brian Lang, President, MasterCard Canada

    Tourism Toronto

    Tourism Toronto is the sales and marketing agency that helps attract millions of visitors to Toronto every year. Their purpose is to lead the world to Toronto – Canada’s downtown – growing the visitor economy.
    New CEO, Johanne Belanger, needed a longer-term strategy and a way to engage, align and excite the organization.
    1) ENGAGE & ASSESS: internal and external stakeholders

    • Assess current and desired workplace culture through a values lens
    • Conversations with board members

    2) DEFINE & ALIGN : strategy and culture

    • Facilitation & collaboration of strategy/culture map on one page
    • Creation & prioritization of core values and key behaviours

    3) GALVANIZE : communication & execution

    • Translated the strategy into annual performance objective
    • Assessing & developing senior people leaders

    The team at 1-degree engaged our Board, industry partners and most importantly our staff at Tourism Toronto. They quickly understood our priority needs and helped us transform our desired future state into a reality within a very quick time frame. Thank you for the assistance 1-degree!

     Johanne Belanger, CEO Tourism Toronto

    “At Equifax Canada, we began the culture work under the umbrella of our Customer Experience initiative. 1-degree has worked with us to fully understand our business objectives and as a result developed an approach to engage the hearts and minds of our organization on cultural change with a clear focus on “why now” for Equifax.


    We have been able to surface what has been getting in the way of creating an internal culture that is aligned to our customer experience objectives. We have framed the discussion around the specific behaviours required to create and reinforce this desired culture – the outcome of the work is our Cultural Attributes, our internal blueprint for holding ourselves and others accountable.

    We would like to thank the 1-degree team for their leadership, expertise, innovation, humour and passion. The transformative work led by 1-degree has been the catalyst for our Culture Journey. All employees now have a clear view of the kind of workplace we are and the Culture we are striving to live each and every day. This is essential for us to align our internal behaviours and practices to a truly innovative and client centric culture”

    Saylor Millitz-Lee, VP Human Resources, Equifax Canada

    “We engaged 1-degree to: define the current/desired culture of our service/sales and business development team; and conduct 360 leadership reviews & provide targeted coaching. 1-degree has been a first class partner. They have been strategic, collaborative and their values-driven approach has made an impact on the behaviour of several people leaders in a short period of time. For targeted leadership & cultural development, I highly recommend them”

    Mark Girvan, Chief Commercial Officer, Freshbooks Canada

    Thank you 1-degree. During our debrief of the session, the team said it was the best staff meeting yet! Great to hear, and definitely a shift from where we were at even a year ago. Thank you for your contributions, and energy – the team really enjoys your style, and subject knowledge.

    Jill Bridgman, Vice President, Fund Development, ALS Canada


    Our Approach is –


    One of our core values is ‘be real’. We focus on how culture/leadership development supports business outcomes and ‘real work’. We are business leaders vs. academics.


    We take a team-based approach and act as an extension to your business/organization.


    We don’t do any culture work without alignment with your strategy. We build on what’s working.

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