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What’s worse than procrastination?  Judging or labeling yourself as one.  It’s not possible to be a ‘procrastinator’.  That would literally translate into you doing nothing. 

When you think you are procrastinating try re-framing. 

The first thing to realize is that you had a ‘thought’ that you were inspired to do something.  If there wasn’t any concern or fear, you would just do it without thinking anything of it.  If you hesitate it simply means that something is blocking your inspired action – it could be fear, anxiety, a niggle or lack of information.  Being harsh on your self and pushing through may actually result in a negative outcome as well as unnecessary stress. 

Fear is actually a wonderful emotion and should be treated as a friend – a messenger. 

Fear is something inside us that is asking us to pay attention. 

Pushing through from a place of fear doesn’t allow the highest potential outcome.  Acting from a place of fear dampens your energy, your action is half-hearted and people pick up on it. 

Rather than label yourself as a ‘procrastinator’ see yourself as an astute information gatherer and reframe procrastination as ‘Delayed Decision’ until you gather the right information and support that inspires action.

Written by Lorella DePieri