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What makes offsite meetings a valuable use of time?

If you’re taking time away from the business for an offsite meeting with your team, you need to make sure it’s worth it. Read this article to learn what your agenda needs to include.

Is Procrastination Bad?

When you procrastinate, connect to what inspired your action.

The Problem with being an Executive

I can’t tell you the number of times when people in my company brought a problem to me – often embarrassed – usually frozen in fear.  I remember one time our marketing team had published a catalogue that cost $100,000 and the 1-800 phone number...

Experiences of accountability in the workplace

When I was a young manager I had a boss that regularly asked me to do things. And, being the accountable, eager-to-please guy that I was, I would make sure I met my promises. And that I where I started to learn about accountability in the workplace. A few times in a...

The “Fearless Trinity” of Creating Accountable Cultures

When you hear the word “accountability,” what images, people, stories come to mind? How important is it for you and your workplace productivity? In our culture transformation work at 1-degree, it is the #1 theme and aspiration! Yet, it is one of the least understood...

Coaching Employees in Leadership Development Programs

To effective apply and integrate leadership development learning, the participant and their manager must both be involved. There are three best practices to make this happen. One, engage the manager in the program; two, teach the manager to coach on leadership; and...

Making Lemonade from Everyday Workplace Problems

How often do you hear these everyday workplace problems? Travel restrictions are in place, budgets must be cut, no client expenses for the next quarter, how can we pull in biz from the next quarter into this one, can you get that completed in less time, we need it now...

Position Filled: Office & Project Manager

September 21, 2017: Thanks for your interest but we have already hired for this position. Seeking an Organized Office & Project Manager We, 1-­degree shift, are an entrepreneurial organizational effectiveness firm that specializes in purpose, leadership, culture...

The Case for Optimism at Work

What's so bright about the bright side? Sometimes, uncertainty makes it hard maintain your optimism at work.  What’s so bright about the bright side when all around you is constant change and growing complexity? It’s hard not to think in terms of good or bad when your...

How to Improve Workplace Listening

Hearing is easy. Every vertebrate that hasn’t suffered some genetic, developmental or environmental accident have been doing it for hundreds of millions of years. It’s built into our survival system, our alarm system, it’s our way to escape danger and pass on our...

1-degree hosts two executive breakfast a year, that is open to CEO’s and executives who have a strong appetite for workplace culture transformation. During these events, we hear from a variety of leaders, clients and 1-degree partners to help explore and dig deeper into the world of meaningful and healthy workplace cultures.

October 16, 2018

Accountability: Friend or Foe?

    Employees and leaders all point to accountability as the key, and usually missing, ingredient in workplace culture. But what does it mean? Is it being fueled by fear? What is the brand of accountability that is living in your organization

    Ernie Philip & Erin Foster – Medline Canada

    Edwin Jansen – Fitzii

    Laura Irwin – Mastercard Canada

    April 11, 2018

    Better Business & Better Canada


    Mike Keilhauer – CEO, Keilhauer

    Greg Smith – Senior Vice President, Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc.

    Jennifer Virley – Vice President, Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc.

      1-degree had a couple of client speakers come in and share their journey and partnership with 1-degree, and how this has led to better business results. They were generous in sharing their insights and experiences of their culture and leadership transformations. Hear more about their stories in this summary video.

      During the second part of our event, we all engaged in a discussion on a Canadian values assessment – “our future by design.” We had meaningful and insightful conversations about what Canadian values mean, where we can see them in action, and what key behaviours and initiatives are needed to activate desired Canadian values.
      Creating a Better Canada starts with us and our personal values being more conscious about living our values.  One key takeaway for many was that we can impact our community and our country by creating a space for healthy, rich dialogue on the values that mean the most to us like Caring, Accountability and Diversity. Through awareness and heathy dialogue on priority values will lead to action and a quality Canadian “future by design.”

      October 30th, 2017

      Building a Values-Driven Organization with Richard Barrett

        We hosted an energized and inspiring executive breakfast at Rosedale Golf Club on October 30, 2017 in Toronto. Workplace culture thought leader & maverick, Richard Barrett engaged us all in a spirited talk, “Building a Values-driven and Winning Culture.” Here is a short summary video of our event!


        Richard Barrett – an author, speaker and internationally recognized thought leader on the evolution of human values in business and society..

        June 7, 2017

        CEO Cultural Lessons from the Trenches

        On June 7, 2017 the 1-degree team hosted an event – “CEO workplace lessons from the trenches.”Thank you to, Jim Lawson – CEO of Woodbine Entertainment Group, Lisa Nelson – President of Equifax Canada, and Brian Lang – President of Mastercard Canada! 3 inspiring and thought-provoking CEO’s who are putting their workplace cultures first to drive sustainable business results!


        Jim Lawson – CEO, Woodbine Entertainment Group

        Lisa Nelson – President, Equifax Canada

        Brian Lang – President, Mastercard Canada

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