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Why 1-degree? At 1-degree, we believe workplace / organizational culture is the linchpin for meaningful growth.

What’s the challenge?

Did you know that workplace engagement levels are at an all-time low and trending downwards?

69% of workers are not engaged or actively dis-engaged! This means they feel indifferent about their jobs and/or the companies they work for (according to Gallup).

What’s the opportunity?

How can business better activate talents & passion to drive productivity and innovation?

At 1-degree, we believe that the pace of change will not slow down. In fact, things are getting faster. This means that the pressure to grow, while re-inventing the business is the “new normal”.

What’s our purpose?


What makes us unique?

  • PRACTICAL – One of our core values is ‘be real’. We focus on how culture/leadership development supports business outcomes and ‘real work’. We are business leaders vs. academics.

  • COLLABORATIVE – We take a team-based approach and act as an extension to your business/organization.

  • INTEGRATED – We don’t do any culture work without alignment with your strategy. We build on what’s working.

When collective transformation is vital for your organization, let’s talk.

Call us at 647-695-5491 or email us at info@1-degree.ca

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