The State of Work in Canada

If you’d like to download a local copy of this article, click here Summary This report is a summary review of 32 workplaces in Canada. Each of these workplaces (which cannot be named) participated in a Values study in 2013 or 2014 using Barrett Values Centre Cultural Transformation Tools. They asked their employees to identify the values that were evident in their current workplace culture. These same employees were asked what values they would like to see evident in their desired workplace culture. In this report we will examine the state of the Canadian Workplace and the wisdom that comes from the people who work in those workplaces. There is a level of toxicity in workplaces in Canada. This is not news. What we should focus on is that these employees have solid ideas about how to reduce this friction. Management of these companies would have to agree with the values that employees would like to see in their workplaces. […]