Culture – The Illusive Culprit

How aligned is your culture with your strategy? There are few leaders who aren’t painfully aware of the famous Peter Drucker quote “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Yet few pay purposeful attention to culture. Since 1955, 89% of the Fortune 500 listed have come and gone! We believe that culture when ignored, leads to an organization’s demise. Yet, it is tough to put your finger on organization culture like you would many other things in business – it can feel nebulous and illusive. Leaders often feel that culture cannot be managed but this view leads to complacency. Left unattended, company cultures evolve into weedy gardens that choke out the execution of strategy. What is Culture? […]

What is the Strategic CAUSE for your organization?

Every organization has a strategy. At best, it is intentional, collective, simple, inspiring and helps guide all decision-making. At worst, it is complicated, static and lives only in a binder on a shelf… All too often the process of strategy development suffers from some fatal flaws. These flaws can be categorized as follows: The strategy is owned/crafted by the CEO or functional leader only The strategy is too complicated The strategy is not specific enough in terms of outcomes and/or tactics The strategy lacks clarity in terms of accountabilities around execution The strategy is not linked tightly with Purpose as a beacon for decisions Any of these sound familiar? […]

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