Are your company “systems” working for or against you?

Every company has “systems”. At 1-degree we believe that these systems are neither good nor bad. Systems are needed. Problems arise when they are inconsistent and/or have conflicting underlying principles. And even if a company has a great strategy, incredible leadership and a great culture these systems can hamper or sabotage ultimate success.

Management systems include all of the working methodologies that support the normal operation of the organization. They could include:

  • Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • High Potential Employee Identification
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Change Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Annual Strategy Planning exercises
  • Employee Empowerment programs

How can you re-align your systems to achieve organizational objectives?

At 1-degree, we:

  • Audit your common management practices and uncover the beliefs that are behind those practices/systems.
  • Get clear on the foundational principles that should underpin all systems going forward.  For example
  • Can people be trusted?
  • How are people motivated?
  • Do performance results trump cultural fit?
  • What is the reason you measure elements of performance in your company?
  • Build a plan with our clients that moves on the key elements that are getting in the way of strategy or the needed culture shift.

When you want some advice on aligning your systems with your strategy, let’s talk.

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