Suchitra Davies-Webb

Certified coach, facilitator, mentor, kayaker

Thought leadership: Coaching systems; Emerging leaders; Cultural transformation

Tim Magwood

Entrepreneur, coach, performer, triathlete

Thought leadership: Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Leadership

Lorella DePieri

Lorella DePieri

Program Director for the Centre of Excellence at Schulich Executive Education Centre, sales coach, connector, adventurer

Thought leadership: Sales transformation, Leadership, Facilitation

Nick Foster

Seasoned executive, coach, mentor, swimmer

Thought leadership: Company culture; Performance systems; Stewardship

Our Core Values

Our purpose is to inspire & equip organizations to transform with agility in our VUCA WORLD. And this is how we work together:

Choose Love Over Fear

  • “Meet them where they are” vs. “Where they’re supposed to be”
  • Put relationship before task
  • Meditate to access intuition
  • Inquire genuinely about the life & check assumptions

Be Smart About Who Does What

  • Leverage our unique gifts & abilities
  • Be smarter about opportunity costs

Be Grateful

  • Create enough space for reflection & connection
  • Celebrate & Appreciate progress & contribution
  • Be compassionate with all partners

Be Playful

  • Create space for lightness & depth
  • Inject authentic humour
  • Weave fun into learning

Manage Our Promises

  • Be explicit about your needs & big rocks
  • Be conscious of what you say YES to
  • Respect for other people’s time & commitment

Deliberately Learn, Coach & Grow

  • Challenge status quo with YES… And…
  • Be relentless to evolve ourselves & grow our capabilities
  • Be open to giving & receiving feedback

Be Real

  • Stay curious & explore options together
  • Courage to act on intuition
  • Explore & honor vulnerability
  • Choose discomfort over resentment
  • Take responsibility for your impact