What is the Strategic CAUSE for your organization?

Every organization has a strategy. At best, it is intentional, collective, simple, inspiring and helps guide all decision-making. At worst, it is complicated, static and lives only in a binder on a shelf… All too often the process of strategy development suffers from some fatal flaws. These flaws can be categorized as follows: The strategy is owned/crafted by the CEO or functional leader only The strategy is too complicated The strategy is not specific enough in terms of outcomes and/or tactics The strategy lacks clarity in terms of accountabilities around execution The strategy is not linked tightly with Purpose as a beacon for decisions Any of these sound familiar? […]

What Successful Leaders Need this Millennium – Intuition

In today’s world, according to a UCLA study, we are processing the equivalent of 174 newspapers daily. This is five times more information than just 20 years ago. This tsunami of information coming at us through emails and meetings is overwhelming the capacity of our brains to process. We also have more complicated problems to solve today at work. And the number of variables to consider for any decision is higher . With just two or three factors most of us can usually solve problems pretty neatly. But with five or six moving parts, the ability for most of us to keep them all in working memory as we analyze alternatives is limited. This can result in an exhausting process of thinking and re-thinking. Most of us consistently deal with that feeling of being overwhelmed. What can we do about it? […]

The Power of Why

What is an important project or tactic you are currently working on? How are you motivating your team-mates, others involved in this project? Where does motivation rank overall in importance for you as a leader? Connecting to motivation and “the why” is a critical leadership capability. Yet, too many leaders focus more on the “what” vs the “why” – why is that? We are too focused on the “What” vs the “Why” A lot of businesses & leaders are too caught up in the “what & how” because of the speed of business today. Questions like these dominate – What are our key goals for the quarter? What are our 5 key tactics to get us there? How will we implement? What is your next step? […]

To Grow or Die?

Obvious right? Not much of a choice, yet it’s one that organizations make all the time. The natural choice is to grow but why does the evidence show differently? For proof, you need only consider the high mortality rate of companies listed in the Fortune 500. Since 1955 89% of the Fortune 500 listed have come and gone. Remember Compaq, E.F. Hutton, MCI WorldCom, Eastern Airlines, Enron, Woolworths, Pan Am, Standard Oil, Arthur Andersen, General Foods Corp, TWA, and DeLorean Motor Co.? […]

The State of Work in Canada

If you’d like to download a local copy of this article, click here Summary This report is a summary review of 32 workplaces in Canada. Each of these workplaces (which cannot be named) participated in a Values study in 2013 or 2014 using Barrett Values Centre Cultural Transformation Tools. They asked their employees to identify the values that were evident in their current workplace culture. These same employees were asked what values they would like to see evident in their desired workplace culture. In this report we will examine the state of the Canadian Workplace and the wisdom that comes from the people who work in those workplaces. There is a level of toxicity in workplaces in Canada. This is not news. What we should focus on is that these employees have solid ideas about how to reduce this friction. Management of these companies would have to agree with the values that employees would like to see in their workplaces. […]

Good Reading

Here are some books that have shaped our thinking. We hope they will provide you with some insight! Building a Values Driven Organization, Richard Barrett – a foundational book for [...]

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