The Lost Art of Listening

Hearing is easy. Every vertebrate that hasn’t suffered some genetic, developmental or environmental accident have been doing it for hundreds of millions of years. It’s built into our survival system, [...]

The Importance of Crafting Meaningful & Strategic Values

How pervasive and helpful are core values in your organization? At worst, your values live on your web site; in your annual report; and in your office, in a static and meaningless way. Ideally, they are integrated into everything you do, and act as a compass for your culture and decision-making. Is it possible to reach the ideal? […]

Cultures Clash

I remember reading that the three reasons mergers or acquisitions fail is that: You pay too much You don’t act quickly enough to take redundant cost out Cultures Clash I [...]

Do These Cost-Saving Collaboration Strategies Actually Work?

The Culture around here has to change! We hear this from executives over and over again. Why? First let’s start with market dynamics. Are these things happening to your company or industry? […]

Become a Great Workplace By Measuring Your Culture

More business leaders care about culture these days but more often than not, the cultures they work in are unconscious and not aligned with the company’s strategy. ‘How we get things [...]

Culture – The Illusive Culprit

How aligned is your culture with your strategy? There are few leaders who aren’t painfully aware of the famous Peter Drucker quote “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Yet few pay purposeful attention to culture. Since 1955, 89% of the Fortune 500 listed have come and gone! We believe that culture when ignored, leads to an organization’s demise. Yet, it is tough to put your finger on organization culture like you would many other things in business – it can feel nebulous and illusive. Leaders often feel that culture cannot be managed but this view leads to complacency. Left unattended, company cultures evolve into weedy gardens that choke out the execution of strategy. What is Culture? […]

Fearless Leadership with Radical Accountability

Today’s busy, complicated and changing business environment requires a new kind of leadership. Gone are the days of “command and control” leadership because that style doesn’t foster true engagement, alignment and sustainable performance. GREAT leaders in business today are able to embrace ambiguity, are agile, collaborate vs. control and embrace fear. Fear is natural and present in shifting environments when we are challenging the status quo and are wading in new and unproven waters. Fear is also natural when we are out on “the skinny branch.” Looking fear in the eye and helping others move through it is tough! Although, it is a critical and meaningful capability in any transformation. At 1-degree, we have chosen to call this brand of leadership Fearless Leadership. Fearless Leadership is defined with five attributes. They are: […]

Systems Eat Strategy AND Culture

Every company has “systems”. There are “hard systems” like IT and “soft systems” like organizational design that help form the DNA of any business. Even if a company has a clearly articulated strategy, dynamic leadership and an engaged culture, these “systems” can hamper or even sabotage any change initiative. When organizations begin, they experiment with various methods of getting things done. Eventually best practices are determined and systematized. Efficiency demands that these practices become standardized and routinely repeated by everyone who completes the task. In every company there is an archive of un-written systems that are the “code” underlying the organization and operation. We may understand this to be the culture of the organization but in fact it is the management system that has been either chosen or more often adopted over time. This “code” may or may not be aligned with the desired culture of the organization. […]

Just do it? What is running interference with “getting it done” for you?

Nike is famous for its mantra, “Just do it.” While this is a good marketing slogan it is a lousy mantra for execution in business! One of the critical success factors to effectiveness in every organization is of course execution – getting it done. At 1-degree, we are believers in the old adage of, “work smarter, not harder.” We define execution as: “Getting the right things done, by the right people, for the right reasons.” This is not as catchy a phrase as Nike’s, although we feel it is a more helpful mantra for business leaders. […]

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