How are your leaders fearlessly fostering high engagement & productivity?

For a garden to grow, individual plants must be healthy and growing. The same is true for an organization to grow and thrive – the individual leaders must be growing. And growth involves change. The problem with change in humans is that often under stress, leaders can react in unconscious and default ways that may have worked in the past but will not maximize the way forward.

Fearless effective Leadership requires courageous, conscious choices to shape collective strategy, shift culture and craft performance systems.

At 1-degree, we feel that helping leaders realize their intended and unintended impact by working at the levels of beliefs, values, assumptions & intuition is foundational. Until leaders are doing this personal internal work, they don’t realize they are often being triggered and driven by old limiting beliefs that work against the outcomes they really want.

We aim to align & develop leadership behaviours with the overall strategy and desired culture so that leadership development is strategic vs a “tick the box.” This may be one on one development and/or collective development. We meet you where you are, so that we maximize your people’s potential and productivity.

At 1-degree, we:

  • Help leaders to strengthen their ability to both manage stress and access their intuition
  • Work with leaders on their personal development as it aligns with the organizational direction of culture and strategy
  • Train on our unique brand of Fearless Leadership to ensure your people are inspiring, empowering and developing their teams

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