How effective is your team at achieving desired outcomes?

You can have a brilliant strategy and a well-designed culture but how effective is your team at achieving desired outcomes?

One of the challenges of Strategy execution is the classic important versus urgent forces that exist in every organization. For example, if you want to create a more sales driven organization and have a certain target of “net new clients,” how does the sales team carve out enough time to prospect and generate referrals (important stuff) versus just react to client demands and service challenges (urgent stuff). Strong execution is often creating clarity on the right leading indictors and crafting/editing performance systems to support achievement of those leading indicators and goals.

Another common challenge we often hear is understanding and owning the outcomes.  It’s never as easy as just saying ‘do it’. Instead, it is clearly articulating the why behind the work and how to “Get the right things done, by the right people, for the right reasons.”

How do you get teams to improve their results?

At 1-degree, to support execution we:

  • Collaborate to identify barriers to execution
  • Equip leaders and managers to coach the ‘doing’
  • Equip your team with targeted skills and tools to accelerate and strengthen Strategy execution

We provide tactical, practical training to help you with flawless execution

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