How are you measuring your “cultural capital”?

What is culture?

The most universally accepted definition of culture is “the way things are done around here.” Culture is a way of being. It is a reflection of the conscious and subconscious values of the organization.

Culture is who you are and what you stand for. Ideally, it should be consistent with your desired brand.

What is Cultural Capital and Its Relationship To Financial Performance?

Cultural capital is a measure of the value that can be placed on this way of being or the “personality” of a collective. Strong, agile cultures consistently out-perform ones that don’t provide purpose, meaning and context.

Cultural capital can be measured by lack of entropy (wasted energy in the system). Companies with high employee engagement have far less entropy, are more productive and profitable. How aware are you of the key entropy themes in your organization?

At 1-degree, we:

  • Partner with you to define your current culture and measure entropy (the wasted energy in the system)
  • Co-create the desired culture and priority areas to focus on
  • Collaborate with you to design a strong, agile culture to support your strategy and transform your workplace
  • Create alignment with the executive team on high leverage ways to activate the desired culture

Using the collective wisdom of your team, we facilitate a proven process to create a more engaged, productive and meaningful culture that reflects your brand.

When you want advice on how to evaluate or transform your culture, let’s talk.

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