Fearless Leadership with Radical Accountability

Today’s busy, complicated and changing business environment requires a new kind of leadership. Gone are the days of “command and control” leadership because that style doesn’t foster true engagement, alignment and sustainable performance. GREAT leaders in business today are able to embrace ambiguity, are agile, collaborate vs. control and embrace fear. Fear is natural and present in shifting environments when we are challenging the status quo and are wading in new and unproven waters. Fear is also natural when we are out on “the skinny branch.” Looking fear in the eye and helping others move through it is tough! Although, it is a critical and meaningful capability in any transformation. At 1-degree, we have chosen to call this brand of leadership Fearless Leadership. Fearless Leadership is defined with five attributes. They are: […]

What Successful Leaders Need this Millennium – Intuition

In today’s world, according to a UCLA study, we are processing the equivalent of 174 newspapers daily. This is five times more information than just 20 years ago. This tsunami of information coming at us through emails and meetings is overwhelming the capacity of our brains to process. We also have more complicated problems to solve today at work. And the number of variables to consider for any decision is higher . With just two or three factors most of us can usually solve problems pretty neatly. But with five or six moving parts, the ability for most of us to keep them all in working memory as we analyze alternatives is limited. This can result in an exhausting process of thinking and re-thinking. Most of us consistently deal with that feeling of being overwhelmed. What can we do about it? […]

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