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Executive Breakfast June 7, 2017

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How meaningful and clear is your why?

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How aligned & differentiated is your strategy?

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How are you measuring your “cultural capital”?

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How are your leaders fearlessly fostering high engagement & productivity?

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Are your company “systems” working for or against you?

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How effective is your team at achieving desired outcomes?

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What is your 1-degree shift?

Any of these workplace challenges sound familiar?


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Making Lemonade from Everyday Workplace Problems

How often do you hear these everyday workplace problems? Travel restrictions are in place, budgets must be cut, no client expenses for the next quarter, how can we pull in biz from the next quarter […]

Position Filled: Office & Project Manager

September 21, 2017: Thanks for your interest but we have already hired for this position.

Seeking an Organized Office & Project Manager

We, 1-­degree shift, are an entrepreneurial organizational effectiveness firm that
specializes in purpose, leadership, culture and […]

The Case for Optimism at Work

What’s so bright about the bright side?

Sometimes, uncertainty makes it hard maintain your optimism at work.  What’s so bright about the bright side when all around you is constant change and growing complexity? […]